A Box Full of Kittens — JK Rescues Kittens Literally Off the Street

Around lunch time today, three of our employees — Shanna, Christa, and Jessica — were walking outside, enjoying the summer-like weather, when they noticed a group of small kittens spread out in the middle of the road! They quickly got the five kittens — whose eyes had not even opened yet — off of the street, out of the sun, and into a box (which we have plenty of).

Once the kittens were safely out of harm’s way, Christa proceeded to contact the Loudoun County Department of Animal Services.

When Officer Breslin arrived, he assured us that the kittens would receive the proper care they needed. They are going to a 24-hour vet for two weeks, where they will be fed every 4 hours and receive the initial care they need. Then they will be taken to a foster home, where they can stay together and grow prior to adoption.

We commend our outstanding employees for their kindness in helping these abandoned kittens. They definitively represent one of our Core Values: Be Caring and Courteous. It brought a smile to our faces, and we hope it brightens your day as well.

UPDATE as of 3/10/16: The kittens have already visited Blue Ridge Vet and — because they still need to be fed by bottle — are on their way to a foster home. At two months old, they will be ready for adoption.

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  1. Thanks for the update on these sweet little kitties–so glad they are being well cared for. Just love happy endings and I have no doubt they will find loving homes. Kudos to the ladies of JK that rescued them! I shared the story on FB and my friends loved the story (and the ending!).

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