JK Receives HR Award for Integrity


JK Moving Services is pleased to announce that our Human Resources team has received the Dr. J.P. London Award for Integrity!

The award is part of the 2016 Human Resource Leadership Awards (HRLA) of Greater Washington.

“This award honors companies with exemplary initiatives in instilling the core values and principles of the organization throughout its people, encourages implementation and is highly conscious of corporate integrity,” according to HRLA. “These teams aim to share the underlying philosophy with all staff members with an uncompromising vigilance to define, emphasize and enforce the values and principles.”


This is JK Moving Services’ first HRLA team award. JK Vice President of Human Resources, Andrea Bunch, was a finalist for the individual Innovation Award in 2013.

“Our HR team is comprised of devoted professionals committed to developing innovative and creative programs that highlight our core values within our enterprise and the communities we serve,” said Charles Kuhn, Founder, President and CEO, JK Moving Services. “Winning this award distinguishes our dedicated team and the vital role they play to ensure continual education and positive reinforcement of JK Moving Services’ unique company culture.”

Since 2001, the HRLA has served to promote and advance excellence in the Human Resources profession. The 2016 winners were announced on June 7, 2016 at the 15th Annual HRLA Gala held at the Marriot Washington Wardman Park in Washington, D.C.

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