JK Quality Assurance

All JK employees must spend three days training (in the classroom and in our training house) before they are allowed to enter a customer’s home. During the hands-on training, our employees are wrapping, protecting, and moving the same types of belongings they would find in a home.

Our training has helped us be the success we are today, by delivering excellent moving experiences for our customers.

In addition to the training, we’ve added three levels of quality control to ensure our customers get the best move possible.

1. Before the move

Our move coordinators call customers before the move to confirm move times and addresses. We verify the pick-up and delivery times, so that the customer knows when to expect our crew. We verify addresses so that our drivers know exactly where they are going. We also take the opportunity to ask and answer any last minute questions or concerns that a customer may have regarding the move.

2. During the move

We will call during the move to make sure everything is moving smoothly. If there are any concerns or questions from the customer, we can handle them immediately. It’s better for both parties involved if we can address any issues that arise during the move instead of after the fact.

3. Quality Control Manager on the move

The quality control manager, as well as members of the operations and sales team, will show up unannounced to a move site to make sure the level of service being delivered is up to the customer’s and JK’s expectations. 99% of the time there are no issues, but if there is, the situation can be corrected on the spot.

Our quality control manager is scheduled ahead of time to be on site for more challenging moves, to lend his expertise and ensure everything runs smoothly. His experience in the industry is incredibly valuable and helps us deliver exceptional moves.

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