JK: Proud Member of WasteWise Program

As our regular readers know, JK Moving strives to implement sustainable practices into all aspects of our business, from investing in new energy efficient lights to reusing engine oil to heat our maintenance facility. We are proud of our association with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) WasteWise program; a program designed to help companies be more environmentally aware.

The WasteWise program “is a free, voluntary EPA program through which organizations eliminate costly municipal solid waste and select industrial wastes, benefiting their bottom line and the environment.” To qualify for the WasteWise program, JK had to demonstrate how we reduce our carbon footprint.

JK is proud to associate with the EPA's Waste Wise Program
JK is proud to associate with the EPA’s Waste Wise Program

JK embraces this program with our Boxless Move, a strategy we employed from training with IOMI® (the International Office Moving Institute). In fact, the Boxless Move is a Zero Waste program. (The philosophy of a Zero Waste program is that “all materials are recycled back into nature or the marketplace in a manner that protects human health and the environment.” To learn more please visit www.zerowaste.org.) In 2009 and 2010, the Boxless Move saved JK from purchasing more than 220 tons of virgin cardboard. Meaning we saved 3,740 trees from being cut down.

During our commercial moves, occasionally we have to handle unwanted furniture and office equipment. Instead of throwing these gently used goods away, we look to non-profits, to see if they have a need for any of these items. Some of the organizations we have donated goods to include Treasures for Life, Habitat for Humanity, MADD, and the DC Volunteer Fire Department. We do request that the organizations use these items to upgrade their current supply and not for re-selling. (Please note, we make special exception for Habitat for Humanity because they sell these goods at their ReStore outlet, the proceeds from which fund home building projects.)

If we are unable to donate the goods, we recycle everything we can. (Here is a list of what can be recycled.) In 2009 and 2010, our recycling program saved more than 345 tons of cardboard from going into landfills.  One ton of cardboard is equivalent to 17 trees, which means JK saved 5,865 trees from the landfill.  We are very careful when recycling electronic equipment and computers because of possible health risks. Our eCycle program recycles parts that can be reused, as well as properly and safely disposing of the rest.

And finally, if items or materials are determined as waste and there is no other viable choice but to send it to the landfill, we use an auger, which reduces the total volume we are putting in the landfill. By using an auger, the physical waste is reduced more than 10 times in volume (taking up less space in landfills), reducing ancillary environmental impacts (dumpsters, transportation loads, waste facility energy, etc.) by over a dozen times compared to other options.

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The EPA’s WasteWise program, while voluntary, is something we are very proud to support and will continue to support in the future. Please feel free to read more about JK Sustainability practices.

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