JK: Proud Member of SmartWay

As regular readers know, JK Moving strives to be environmentally aware in all aspects of our business, including when it comes to our trucks. We are proud of our association with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) SmartWay program.

A new addition to the JK fleet ready to get moving.
A new addition to the JK fleet ready to get moving.

The SmartWay program is “a public-private initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution created by freight transportation in corporate supply chains.” The SmartWay program has several levels of certification for companies involved and JK is currently at the first level. JK has demonstrated a commitment to upgrading our trucks with the most efficient technology. As the upgrades to our fleet continue, we can expect our environmental impact to become more eco-friendly.

The technology on the entire JK long distance fleet is incredible.  We have G.P.S. equipped trucks to monitor where the trucks are as they travel coast-to-coast and to let customers know where their shipment is at any time. We are able to monitor a driver’s miles per gallon (MPG) for any length of time. Because MPG can vary according to the terrain one is traveling across, the total weight of the load, tire size, and transmission and gear ratio, we have challenged our drivers to be aware of their MPG. More importantly, we want drivers to focus on environmentally friendly driving habits inside the cab. Our goal is to use less fuel and lower our emissions.

One of the ways we do this is by monitoring the “over-speed” and “excess-speed” by our drivers. Every minute of a trip, our system tracks the speed of our vehicle and compares it to the actual speed limit of the road they are traveling. The technology allows us to not only monitor our driver’s habits to ensure they are operating safely, but also provides us the data necessary to control over-speed and excess-speed which lowers our emissions.

The software we use monitors the amount of over-revving a driver may do. Because there are different types of transmissions and engines we use the software to make sure our drivers are being efficient with the trucks.  By monitoring the amount of over-revving a driver may do and then educating our drivers, JK can reduce the amount of fuel used.

We also monitor the amount of idle time per driver, meaning the amount of time the engine is running while the truck is not moving. The engine needs to be running for certain tasks, but we can minimize the total amount of idle time. One of the ways we can do this is by having our long distance drivers stay in a hotel overnight instead of sleeping in the truck’s cab. This saves fuel, lowers emissions and puts less wear and tear on the engine itself. And as an added bonus, it’s more comfortable for our drivers.

The SmartWay program is a good motivator to continue the positive trends started here at JK, as we continue to encourage efficient habits with our drivers and enjoy the benefits.  Interested in more information? Take a look at our Trucks and Equipment.

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