JK Partners with Northern Virginia Family Service’s Internship Program

JK Moving Services continually seeks to recruit and train the best-of-the-best employees. Throughout the year, we hire interns in various departments across our enterprise.

In that ongoing pursuit, we’ve have the pleasure of partnering with Northern Virginia Family Service (NVFS) to entertain their graduates as interns throughout various departments at JK.

Andrea Bunch, JK’s VP of Human Resources, believes it’s important to offer feedback to interns, starting from the interview process and throughout the period of their internship.

“We want to assist them every step of the way so that they can use what they learn and benefit them during their future career path – no matter what industry they’re in,” said Bunch.

Bunch added, “We’ve received very positive feedback about our program from the interns we’ve engaged from NVFS, and in turn, our employees have communicated their very positive experience working with them.”

I recently spoke with Julie Mullen, Director of Training Futures in the Workforce Development Services department, about NVFS and the internship program. Here is a little of what she shared:

What is Northern Virginia Family Service?

NVFS is a private, non-profit community service organization dedicated to helping individuals and families find new paths to self-reliance and brighter futures. Since its establishment in 1924, NVFS has evolved into a recognized leader among regional service providers.

We want to empower individuals and families to improve their quality of life, and to promote community cooperation and support in responding to family needs. We accomplish this by offering a range of programs that fall under the Agency’s seven service areas, which include: Child Placement, Early Childhood, Health and Mental Health, Housing, Intervention and Prevention, Legal and Workforce Development Services.

Tell me about the internship program; what is the overall goal or purpose?

The internship is the capstone learning experience for Training Futures Trainees, giving them the opportunity to apply the skills they learned in 16 weeks in the classroom to a professional workplace, adding value and gaining confidence. The goal of the internship is two-fold:

  1. Provide motivated, administrative talent for a 3-week period to our business partners.
  2. Give trainees the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned to a professional environment and gain critical experience and confidence to be competitive in the job market.

Our goal is to ensure a fulfilling experience for the intern and internship host company. In order to do this, we consider the culture and scope of work of each internship provider alongside the trainees’ skills, work styles, and career goals.

Suzy Mead, Training Coordinator at NVFS, with George Williams, recent graduate.
Suzy Mead, Training Coordinator at NVFS, with George Williams, recent graduate.

The internship is generally 3 weeks, Monday – Friday, but we have experimented with different models, including a 6 week internship which was 3 days a week. After the internship is over, there is no formal relationship or obligation between the intern and the company they worked for.

We are currently recruiting for internship partners for spring internships, March 9 – March 27, Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.

We hope the company will be able to give a strong recommendation for the intern as they start their job search and it’s always great if the relationship blossoms into a long term, professional relationship, but the goal of the internship is really just a great learning experience for the intern and a little extra capacity for our business partners like JK Moving Services!

JK offers unpaid internships throughout the year and paid internships during the summer months. If you would like to learn more about career or internship opportunities with JK, please visit the careers section of our website.

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