JK Moving Services Steps Up at Potomac Day Parade

Potomac Day Parade

This Saturday was Potomac Day, the yearly event hosted by the Potomac, Maryland Chamber of Commerce. JK Moving Services was not only one of the sponsors for this year’s event, but assisted in setting up and taking down the vendor stalls for all of the vendors who participated. Thousands of area residents showed up to watch the parade, see the vintage cars, taste the various items offered by local restaurants and see some of the many services being offered by local businesses.

Rory Crawford and Mike Amos

Rory Crawford and Mike Amos worked the booth in the morning while Bill Harrison and Elias Branco shook hands in the afternoon. Nobody works harder than our employees, whether they are on the job or out meeting new friends in the community. Big thanks to everyone that helped make Potomac Day such a success!

JK Moving Services Display

The JK Moving Services booth offered information on moving and storage as well as pens and magnets for all of the kids. Several local real estate brokers stopped by as well. If you spend any time in Potomac Village, seldom does a week go by when you don’t see a JK Moving Services truck rolling down the road. Appreciated for their excellent service, prompt arrival and competitive pricing, JK Moving Services is a fixture on roads all over the Washington metropolitan area and of course Potomac on any given day.

One of the many cars on display

The vintage car show was a hit as some really beautiful cars from the garages of local residents emerged to compete in the Potomac Classic Car Contest. While you couldn’t test drive them, everyone appreciated the chrome and paint that came with cars made years ago. They may not have the emissions or gas mileage of cars built today, but I can’t help imagine cruising down Rehoboth Ave. one summer evening with the Beach Boys blaring through the stereo. Lucille Ball’s Rolls Royce was also in the car contest and many enjoyed the history behind the convertible as they chatted alongside it with its top down.


With Halloween just a week away, this little dog below was ready for the festivities that are sure to follow. While the hat looks as tall as he is, this little dog seems to wear his costume well.

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