JK’s Moving Roadmap: The Plan, the Execution, the Sunset

Floor ProtectionIt’s three months before your big move and you’re actively requesting three in-home estimates from three different AMSA, ProMover-certified moving companies. One of these companies will be responsible for packing, moving, and unpacking your most prized possessions.

But how exactly will that company quote, plan, and execute your move to keep your moving experience worry free?

Here at JK, we have a detailed road map of the process from initial quote request to our JK driver and crew driving off into the sunset after your successful move.

The introduction

When you first contact JK Moving Services about a move quote, a member of our team will schedule an in-home survey appointment at your convenience.

The survey

A JK move consultant will show up to your home on time and ready to complete a thorough walk through of your property. The representative will use a tablet with a special app to collect details about loading and unloading conditions, storage needs, and items of high value to you and your family. Before the meeting ends, the representative will provide a cost estimate.

The scheduling

Once you select JK as your mover, you’ll receive an email to confirm dates and times of the move along with important tips and valuation information. A few days before the move, you will receive a call from a JK move coordinator to clarify any questions about the moving day process.

The dispatch

The morning of your move, a fully-trained and uniformed crew of JK’s finest will collect paperwork and instructions from the operations team. After receiving their marching orders, the crew will ensure that they have all of the necessary equipment loaded into their truck and begin the journey to your home.

The packing and loading

The moving crew will arrive at your residence during the specified time window and introduce themselves to you before laying down floor and overall home protection. The move manager (typically, the truck driver) will join you for another walk through of the home and make note of items of concern listed in his notes from dispatch. After the walk through, you will need to sign a few more forms – including a valuation form – before the crew starts the move. Then the crew will begin packing and loading your boxes and furniture into the JK truck.

The unloading and unpacking

At your new home, the move manager will again join you for a walk through of the home before the crew gets to work. Once the crew finishes moving your belongings, the move manager will go on one final walk through with you to make sure all items were put in the correct place and all items were reassembled properly.

The sunset

Following the final walk through, the JK team will climb into the truck, wave goodbye, and drive into the sunset, as you and your family begin to enjoy your new home.

Throughout the process, JK customer service members will call to make sure you’re pleased with the process and to answer any questions.

If you’re ready to plan your summer move with the largest independent moving company in North America, call JK today: 703.260.4282.

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