David L. — Residential Move

January 2017

JK Moving Services moved our household from Arlington to Falls Church.  The purpose of this e-mail is to let you know just how impressed we were with both the packing up on January 18th and the move itself on the 19th.

Both the packing crew and moving crew were great.  The packers were diligent and stayed late, making sure that everything would be ready for the moving crew the following morning.  We haven’t finished unpacking yet (and I’m not sure if we ever will) but so far we haven’t found anything that broke during the move.  They did a great job.

The moving crew worked hard.  No slackers there.  From the moment when they arrived until the trucks pulled away from the curb they were moving everything in and putting it where we asked.  I was especially impressed by Daimler, who directed the crew.  He kept things moving and was attentive to every request that we had, even after he had finished and started up his truck.

I don’t know how you evaluate your employees when it comes time to determine their compensation, but based on our experience with them they’re worth every penny you pay them, and more.  In my view they were exemplary representatives of JK Moving Services, and it is our hope that you will reward them appropriately.

– David L.