EdgeConneX — Commercial Move

April 2017

From start to finish, every person I worked with at JK was top notch, and I always felt taken care of.  There were several reasons I chose JK versus other vendors that quoted us. For one, the price was better for the services provided. Period. We quoted another “high end” well-known moving service as well as a smaller, local company and JK was by far the best bang for our buck. Secondly, our account rep and his team were very attentive and responsive to my repetitive questions via phone and email, so friendly, and always accommodating. When we had to make changes to our quote countless times, they never huffed or puffed. They were genuinely willing to provide us with what we needed. They worked with me to hold our date before receiving our first deposit and I never once doubted that they knew what they we’re talking about.

What really sold me was when they told me that we didn’t have to worry about emptying our filing cabinets (we have a TON of filing cabinets for our AP team, full of carefully filed invoices, documents, hundreds of papers in each drawer, you name it – refiling would have been a tedious nightmare for my team). No other vendor offered this for us…those things were HEAVY!

The Friday before our move, JK came in and packed our common areas, a HUGE help and saved me HOURS of labor and helped me keep up with my day job on top of the move (which was important to me). They also did a walk through and took the initiative to put all of our crates on dollies so that they were ready to go the next morning. Come move in day, they were in and out in 4 hours…I was stunned. I expected it to take 7 minimum.

We are subleasing our new office space which requires us to take over their furniture, so JK even helped me move some things last minute when they were here. They did anything I asked – mounted shelves for me, moved things around and then back when I decided I didn’t like it, re-configured desks so that they were appropriately faced for employee offices, the list goes on.

They were truly phenomenal, especially the moving crew members. Not only were they kind, patient, and genuine, they patched up our floors and walls, didn’t mark up ANYTHING or make a huge mess…these things seems small but they are huge successes in my opinion. With our cleaning crew out until Monday, we couldn’t afford a huge mess all over the place as we moved employees in. They were a joy to work with…made being in the office on a Saturday not so terrible.

Needless to say, I am overly satisfied with JK’s services. In fact, we are completing part 2 of our move at the end of April and plan on utilizing them again. Highly recommend. All complaints I’m seeing on yelp for JK seem to come from people who failed to review their contract in full. It could NOT be more clear (very explicit, not just a bunch of heartless verbiage), so long as you read each section and are attentive to what you asked for. I had them fix a few hiccups in ours, but that was to be expected, as things changed over the course of our initial quote-our final quote. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

– Loren D., EdgeConneX