JK Moving Receives Safety Achievement Award

Chuck Kuhn, founder and CEO, accepting the Safety Achievement Award
Chuck Kuhn, founder and CEO, accepting the Safety Achievement Award

Recently, JK Moving joined a captive insurance group with 12 other transportation related companies that have excelled in their safety efforts and programs. We are pleased to announce that Fleet Solutions has selected JK Moving Services for their annual Safety Achievement Award. Fleet Solutions is highly involved in assisting and monitoring the performance of the captive group. Every year, they perform in-depth analysis of each carrier, and make suggestions, recommendations, and offer assistance where needed. In fact, a Fleet Solutions agent recently spent 3 days reviewing JK’s culture, policies, and procedures.

We were eligible for the Safety Achievement Award for two reasons: our U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Preventable Accidents score and our OSHA recordable injuries score. To qualify for the award, a company had to demonstrate a dramatic improvement in their scores OR their scores had to be below the 12-company average in the past year. JK is proud to say our safety scores are below the national industry average as well as the 12-company average.

The DOT recordable collision score is determined by the number of accidents per million miles driven on the road. The national industry average DOT recordable collisions is .350 accidents per million miles. JK scored at .185 accidents per million miles, which is nearly half the industry average. If you would like more information regarding the DOT recordable collision score please click here.

As mentioned earlier, the national average score for OSHA reportable injuries for the transportation/ warehousing industry is also used to determine eligibility for the safety award. JK Moving’s OSHA reportable injuries score was 60% lower than the national industry average. If you would like more detailed information regarding OSHA reportable injuries please click here or here.

We know how valuable the goods we handle are, and we understand the importance of proper training and safety. All drivers must be assessed by an independent third party before they take the road for JK. All employees go through training so they know how to properly handle all equipment. This award positively reflects the amount of time and energy we commit to training.


  1. Truly a team effort. The Chain is only as strong as our weakest link and these awards show how strong each and every link are. Great team accomlishment.

    1. Agreed. We like to strengthen our team with employees who are dedicated to customer service and safety; which makes for a winning combination.

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