Announcement: JK Moving is Open

There was quite the storm over the weekend in the Metro Washington, D.C. area. All members of the JK family have checked in and even though some experienced home damage and lost power, everyone is doing fine.  Despite some road closures and traffic lights not working, and fluctuating power in the area, our staff is in the office, our crews are on the road, and we’re open for business.

We are, unfortunately, dealing with some issues with outgoing phone calls. While we address this issue, our customer service team is using Skype, Google Voice, and mobile phones to reach our customers. We can however receive phone calls. If you are moving today and have questions, you can reach us as follows:

  • 703-260-4282
  • 301-340-6683 (Gaithersburg, MD office)
  • 800-673-8487 (toll-free)

Please follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates. We’re hoping the roads will clear and the power will come back for everyone in the area soon, but until then we will be doing what we do best, moving.

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