JK Moving, Steering Toward Fuel Efficiency

One of our new JK Moving Trucks
One of our new JK Moving Trucks

On August 9th, President Obama will be announcing “first-of-their-kind fuel-efficiency standards for work trucks, buses and other heavy-duty vehicles.” We wanted to take a moment and let you know about the steps JK Moving is currently taking to be a responsible corporate citizen.

First, we have begun updating our fleet with newer trucks. These new trucks have better, more efficient engines to meet the current EPA emission standards. In fact, all of our trucks exceed existing emissions standards, through our industry partnerships with Volvo, Freightliner and International. Some of these trucks have automatic tire inflation services. It’s a fact that all trucks and cars run more efficiently when the tires are at the proper inflation.

Second, all of our trucks are GPS enabled. This helps JK track the amount of time a truck spends idling. JK is moving toward a policy where our long distance drivers will spend the night in a hotel. This is not only more comfortable for the driver, but also cuts down on the truck’s idle time.

Third, JK is more efficient about fuel use with the scheduling of our drivers. Our tracking system allows us to keep an eye on every truck we have on the road. We do everything in our power to avoid “deadhead miles,” or trucks traveling without a load. We are also efficient with the trucks we use for our customers’ moves. There are many different types of trucks available in our fleet and we make sure you get the right truck for your move.  To learn more about our fleet of trucks click here.

Another small aspect of JK’s efficiency efforts involves the oil from the trucks. Nobody wants to think of the heater in the middle of summer, but when winter comes, the heater is on everyone’s mind. JK uses the old oil from our trucks to run the heater for the maintenance facility.

We’re excited to see what President Obama has to say regarding his historic fuel efficiency standards because JK is already taking action to be a responsible, sustainable company.

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