This Saturday, October 15th, JK is holding a public auction for storage units that have gone unclaimed. The auction starts promptly at 9:00 A.M. but we ask everyone to be here at 8:30 A.M. so they can register and receive a bidder’s card.

The auction will take place at our headquarters and parking will be available in our main lot. We will have staff on-hand to direct you to registration. Once you are registered and have your bidder’s card, you can go and see all the lots.

These goods have been packed and stored by JK crews.
These goods have been professionally packed and stored by JK crews.

What can you expect to be available? For Saturday’s auction there will be vaults and overflow items (i.e., items that are too large to be stored in a standard pallet, like pianos and sofas). Many of the vaults, which are 5 ft x 7 ft x 7 ft, contain household items professionally packed and stored by JK. Due to the high volume of unclaimed vaults we will not be breaking out the items to sell individually. We will be auctioning entire vaults, not individual pieces within a vault.

For payment we will accept major credit cards and cash. (Sorry, we will not accept checks.) If you cannot transport your new items, you can make arrangements with a representative on site regarding storage and shipping. Please note that storage and shipping services are an additional cost.

The auction is public and open to all. Who knows what you’ll find, so why not come down and join JK this Saturday at 9:00 A.M.


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