JK Moving: Backing it Up and Keeping it Safe

Have run out of space and need to store some of your company’s media files off-site? Perhaps you are unsure what type of storage you need. Does the term “climate controlled storage” confuse you? Today, we will clarify these topics by discussing climate controlled storage for professional offices and commercial business.

Your media and other highly important documents will be kept safe with JK.
Your media and other highly important documents will be kept safe with JK.

Climate controlled storage refers to specially designed and designated areas used for the storage of magnetic media, computer tapes and other valuable documents and media that need to be kept at a consistent temperature and humidity level.  Climate controlled rooms are also sometimes referred to as “vaults.”

These storage areas usually have at least 2-hour — and often have 4-hour — fire retardant walls with metal doors and concrete ceilings and floors equal in fire resistance to the walls. These walls provide an additional layer of protection to your records; it would take a fire two to four hours to burn through the walls.

Items stored in the vaults should be bar coded and tracked, like the other files stored in the record center. This allows for quick identification and retrieval of documents. JK can provide you with access to your records when you need them.

Another option for companies is a highly-secure vault, which provides a different level of protection. JK’s vaults offer state-of-the-art FM200 fire suppression systems, providing your stored files with the ultimate in security. The FM200 fire suppression system is the most current and efficient system available on the market.

JK Archives can also assist in providing temperature and humidity controlled storage as part of a disaster recovery plan and tape rotation services for computer media.

How does JK set the vault temperature and humidity controls? The vaults are set between 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit and 40-50 percent humidity; the accepted guidelines set forth by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

JK has a computerized tracking system as part of our storage facilities, which helps us easily find your stored documents and get them to you hassle free. For safety purposes we have 24-hour state of the art security and monitoring systems. So whether it’s simply records management or media vault storage, JK has the space, expertise, and top-notch safety to help your business with its archiving needs.


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