JK Maryland Office Opens Commercial Doors

We are proud to announce that our Maryland office is now dispatching for commercial moves. This expansion will supplement the service we already deliver to our commercial clients in the metro D.C. area. The biggest beneficiaries of this expansion will be our clients in Howard County, Anne Arundel County, Montgomery County, and D.C.

5 Benefits of the Commercial Expansion

  1. Training.

    All of the commercial crews dispatched in Maryland will be IOMI® certified, fully trained, full time employees. Through all of the training and familiarity with commercial moving, customers will not be able to tell the difference between crews from the different offices.

  2. Employment.

    We have already hired an account executive specifically for Maryland and we’re not done. We’re excited to continue our growth and invite you to browse our open Maryland positions.

  3. Fleet.JK-Moving-Maryland-Division

    The fleet we use from Maryland will only be used for commercial moves. Some would ask, “Is there much difference between a commercial truck and a residential truck?” The answer is yes. (You can read about residential trucks here and commercial trucks here.) There are two major differences between residential and commercial trucks; commercial trucks have the E-Track system and lift gates. Because of the nature of commercial moves, we need the lift gates and E-Track system to properly protect and move office items.

  4. Equipment.

    We pride ourselves on providing our crews with the best equipment. The Maryland office will have all of the necessary building protection (Mat-A-Doors and Masonite, for example) in stock. In addition to building protection, the Maryland office will have the proper commercial dollies and packing material available.

  5. Responsive.

    The traffic can be a challenge at all hours in the D.C. area and the slightest change in traffic can cause major delays. Our Dispatch team is well aware of this and we always send our trucks out early enough to arrive on time.  With the expansion, we will have easier and more direct access into the city, so if we need to dispatch an additional truck or crew we can better accommodate our customer with a faster response time.

We are excited about our commercial team’s expansion into Maryland. We invite you to stop by, meet our team, tour our facilities, and take a look at our fleet. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed!

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