JK Interns: Where Dispatch and HR Become One

(Editor’s Note: Matthew McGuinness was an Intern in JK’s Dispatch and Human Resources departments.  Today, he shares his experiences.)

Most college students look forward to summer as a time of leisure and catching up with old friends and occasional periods of work, but not me. Honestly, I would not change anything that happened during my successful summer internship with JK Moving Services.

This summer, I enjoyed working in two different departments at JK; Dispatch and Human Resources.  While assigned to Dispatch, I was in charge of several different jobs, including: payroll timesheets for local moves, collecting and organizing the necessary documents and paperwork for our long distance drivers, and completing payroll documents for the JK long distance drivers.  I also helped with smaller day-to-day tasks like helping with rate files for moving jobs that were not yet completed.  Summer is the busiest season of the year for the Residential division of JK so there were always tasks I could help with.

I spent the second half of my time with Human Resources. I was assigned to keeping records of new employment applications and electronically storing the information into HR’s employee application spreadsheet.  I was also able to help with document filing and organizing personnel files.

With these varied experiences, I feel I have really learned the ins and outs of local and long distance dispatch inside the moving industry.  Working with Human Resources I was able to understand how best to work with company employees on a daily basis.  I am now much more comfortable in dealing with company personnel regarding their questions, issues, and concerns.

Working with both Dispatch and HR has developed my knowledge of the moving business and has also allowed me to mature in the business world in ways that I could not have imagined at the start of summer.  I consider myself very fortunate to have been a part of the JK family this summer and would not change a thing.

In conclusion, JK Moving Services truly is an excellent place to work and feels like a second family.  From my first day in May, I was welcomed and instantly felt like I part of the team. After that first day, I looked forward to coming to work everyday and was always excited about JK.  I consider myself extremely lucky for a college student and I could not have wished for a better summer; thank you JK!

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