JK Earns Silver in Green Business Challenge


As people learn more about the effect companies have on environmental health, businesses have started green initiatives to lessen their carbon footprint. JK Moving Services has maintained a steady promise, both inside our company and on behalf of our customers, to “go-green.”

The Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce recognized JK as a Silver Award winner in the Loudoun Dulles Green Business Challenge.

The Green Business Challenge motivates Loudoun businesses to save energy, conserve water, reduce waste, combat congestion, and protect native habitat. The challenge is open to home-based businesses, Fortune 100 corporations, and any company in between.

As a commercial business, JK Moving needed to register with the Green Business Challenge and complete a customized scorecard that the Chamber of Commerce issued, based on JK’s facilities. The GBC awarded points based on the number of action items the company achieved on that scorecard.

JK earned 73 points – just missing a Gold Award – while completing 55 action items such as:

  • Using best lighting practices to retrofit our inefficient lights with energy efficient lights.
  • Recycling special purpose materials such as copier ink cartridges and batteries.
  • Identifying the average weight of our trash and recycling.

JK prides itself on sustainable business practices earning innovation bonus points for:

  • Offering commercial customers pre-move “purge” service using recycling bins so companies can securely recycle excess paper records.
  • Exceeding the existing emissions standards on all of our trucks through industry partnerships.
  • Using reusable plastic crates on commercial moves (instead of cardboard boxes) for our Boxless Move, saving an estimated 425,000 trees.

The Green Business Challenge has promoted environmentally sound business practices since 2010 and recognized 55 businesses in 2016.

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