JK is Committed to a Culture of Safety — JK’s 2016 Move Manager Workshop


Recently, all of JK Moving Services’ Move Managers came to JK’s headquarters in Sterling, Virginia to attend our annual Move Manager Workshops, a series of training sessions that recommit our long-distance drivers to the top safety practices.

Move Managers

Why do we call our drivers “Move Managers?” Because they are much more than drivers. Sure, they drive the vehicles, but they are also responsible for the crews that load and unload your belongings. JK’s Move Managers know the best packing and transporting procedures – how to prevent damage to your items and home during the move – and are up to date with the myriad relevant industry regulations. They also serve as your in-person point-of-contact from loading your belongings to the delivery. Driving is only one of the many responsibilities that Move Managers assume. You can hear about Harvie “Zo” Henry’s experiences as one of JK’s Move Managers in this video.

The workshops are led by Training Manager, Karl Holder, and Director of Safety and Compliance, Jeff Parker. The Move Managers attend two days of classroom presentations and active scenarios, designed to teach and reinforce safety practices before assessing them through practice. JK advises its drivers, “if you don’t know, don’t go” – emphasizing to our Move Managers that caution is appreciated, and safety is always the most important consideration.

vehicle check
Karl Holder guides the Move Managers through a quick vehicle check before the practical PACE exercises.

PACE Training

A main goal of these workshops is to ensure that JK’s Move Managers remain PACE-certified. PACE stands for Plan ahead, Analyze the surroundings, Communicate with others, and Execute safe driving. PACE training teaches drivers how to be aware of all risk factors before, during, and after a drive. The PACE behavioral driving instruction consists of both classroom and behind-the-wheel sections.
For those of you thinking that safe driving is simple – just stay off your phone and pay attention to the road – think again! JK’s Move Manager Workshops take safety to another level. For example, were you aware that at 55 miles per hour, a commercial truck specifically requires 50 more feet than a passenger vehicle to come to a complete stop? Our Move Managers are!

Because commercial trucks require more time and distance to slow down and stop, drivers must be aware of the risk factors that have the potential to alter their current path. To avoid these risks, drivers should travel in the “lane of least resistance.” That is, the lane that will allow the vehicle to continue without altering its current path or speed. The drivers must be aware of everything around them – vehicles that may slow down to park, turning vehicles, construction that obstructs a lane, distracted drivers, etc. By staying aware of these risk factors, drivers can identify the lane of least resistance and continue on their path unhindered.

You can read more about PACE training here.

lane of least resistance
The Lane of Least Resistance gives the driver room to maneuver in case of emergencies.

A Culture of Safety

JK’s continued commitment to safety is part of our dedication to make safety a part of our culture. By requiring all of our Move Managers to participate in our Move Manager Workshops, and making sure they all receive PACE certifications, JK aims to instill safe practices at all levels – not just commercial driving.

“These workshops are designed to ensure our drivers are not only protecting your shipments, but also themselves and other drivers on the road,” said Karl Holder. “By committing to safety as part of our culture at JK, we are inspiring a passion for safety in each of our employees. We want these practices to extend beyond our Move Managers’ commercial driving, into their personal lives and, by extension, the people closest to them.”

Also covered in the Move Manager Workshops were U.S. State Department regulations, paperwork compliance, claims prevention, pre- and post-trip exercises, packing techniques, and more.

We ask you to join our Move Managers in committing to safety, not just as a practice but as a culture. You can read more on our training and safety pages.

View the full album of photos from the Workshops below!

  • Jeff Parker, Director of Safety and Compliance, explains how driving is a team process.

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