How Much Do I Tip Movers?

How much do I tip movers? There is no right or wrong answer,. In the moving industry, tipping is not required or expected. Like many service industries, tipping is appreciated and if you wish to tip your movers you should feel comfortable doing so.

Do I tip my movers?

After a satisfactory move, customers often want to show their appreciation to the crew with a gratuity. This gesture means a lot to the movers and encourages them to keep up the great work. However, this only applies if you are satisfied with your move.

You should only tip to show appreciation, not because you feel pressure to do so; professional moving companies do not expect tips and will treat you and your items no differently based on if or how much you tipped the crew.

Advice: If you ask the moving company about their gratuity policy and they designate a specific amount for you to tip, this is a red flag. It could indicate that they do not pay their employees a living wage.

How much do I tip?

The amount to tip your movers is largely dependent on your satisfaction with the move. Typically, tips for satisfactory moves range from $10 to $20 per crew member. However, if your movers did not show professionalism (e.g., arrived late, were impolite, or showed negligence), you have no obligation to tip them. If the crew faced significant challenges (e.g., poor weather, extra-sensitive items, winding staircases, last-minute changes) or if your movers delivered exceptional service by your standards, you may wish to provide more than the standard $10-$20. .

While these challenges may sometimes merit a larger tip, remember that you hired professionals that are trained to overcome obstacles. Gratuity is a sign of your appreciation, not payment for their work. In the case of JK Moving Services, we pay our movers well above minimum wage, so tips are not expected as part of their compensation.

To whom do I give the tip?

It is best to give out tips to each individual crew member. Not only does this ensure every mover gets their tip, but it also allows you to show personal appreciation for the work they did.

When do I tip?

Professional moving companies will treat you and your items no differently based on when or how much you tip. If you decide to tip, we recommend tipping when the move is complete. Simply approach the movers at the end of the move, thank them, and tell them a particular thing you appreciated while handing them the tip.

What if I do not want to tip? How else can I reward my movers?

If you do not want to tip, simply do not tip! There is no obligation to tip your moving crew, and if you were dissatisfied, be sure to inform the company.

Advice: It’s best to address issues in the moment, first with your driver or move supervisor. If you still feel your concerns are not being addressed, call your move coordinator or customer service representative. Moving companies want you to be satisfied and it’s hard to correct an issue after-the-fact.

There are various ways to show your appreciation outside of gratuity. If your move begins early in the morning, you can provide coffee for the crew. If the move is on a hot day, providing water is a great gesture. The movers are sure to appreciate it and it starts them off in a good mood. Giving the crew access to a restroom in your home is also greatly appreciated, especially for splashing cool water on your face on a hot day. You can also provide snacks for the crew. If you choose to purchase a simple meal for them, be sure to ask before making the purchase so that it does not go to waste.


  • Tipping is a choice. Professional movers do not expect to be tipped, and will perform their duties regardless.
  • Tipping is a sign of your appreciation.
  • When tipping, hand the tips directly to the individuals they are intended for at the end of the move.
  • While $10-$20 is standard, you can choose to tip more or less depending on the complexity of the move and the efforts of the crew.

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