How Does JK Keep Estimates Accurate?

We are also introducing, for a limited time, a special JK referral program for real estate agents. Accurate estimates allow a customer to set a firm budget and plan which services they will require. JK’s residential move consultants undergo extensive, hands-on training to ensure that the in-home estimates customers receive are accurate.

Sales Team Mentors

New move consultants at JK are mentored by experienced sales team members. By shadowing an experienced salesperson, the new consultant learns what questions to ask, how to account for every item during the walk-through of the house, and how to comfortably interact with customers and relay relevant information.

Practicing in the JK Training HousePacking and Wrapping Class

All new move consultants at JK must develop an estimate for JK’s training house. The training house, a full-size, fully furnished home built in the JK warehouse, is an excellent test for new consultants because JK knows the exact weight of every item in the house. If the consultant incorrectly estimates an item’s weight, JK can pinpoint that item and advise the new consultant on how to properly estimate the weight of that item.

Crew Packing and Wrapping Class

JK crew members attend classes to learn and maintain the best practices in packing and wrapping items. New move consultants must also attend these training sessions. It is important to JK that its move consultants understand the day-to-day tasks performed by crew members and know the process to prepare each item before arriving at its new destination.

Ride-Alongs with Crews

Once they have completed their training, new move consultants participate in actual moves as a crew member. This is their first active role in a customer’s home. The consultant will work on every type of truck to understand which type of move will require which type of truck.

Technology Training

Clarke giving estimate using iPadThe mobile tablets that JK uses are incredibly useful to both the consultants and customers. Through extensive training, the consultant will learn how to create estimates and email or print them while in the customer’s home. This immediacy allows the customer to review the estimate with the consultant before the consultant leaves their home.


At the conclusion of their training, JK move consultants must become an American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA) Certified Moving Consultant by passing a certification test. JK also provides optional training for move consultants who wish to become Registered International Movers or Senior Move Managers.

JK firmly believes that the combination of training and hands-on experience for our move consultants is vital to providing accurate, in-home estimates. By understanding the move process from start to finish, move consultants can provide accurate estimates as well as valuable insights such as how certain items will be moved or how the customer can manage move expenses.

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