Harsh Weather Means Quick Thinking

Bad weather can mean damage to your belongings.

The recent series of thunderstorms have brought a host of problems to the Washington D.C. area. High winds and heavy rains have caused power outages, flooding and damage to people’s homes. With this damage, homeowners have to think and act quickly. Flooded basements pose a threat to stored items as well as family heirlooms. Damage to roofs means potential water damage from above. In either scenario, furniture, clothing and personal belongings may need to be moved or stored until the house is repaired.  Depending on the amount of work to be done, this may just make the difference in being able to function in your home during the repair process.

JK Moving Valet storage unit holds furniture, boxes, clothing or whatever you can think of on a monthly basis. It is a cube in shape measuring 7′ x 7′ x 7′ which adds up to a lot of room for your items. JK Moving Services will drop a Valet storage unit at your home. You pack it with items as you see fit. You can leave it at your home allowing you to access items as you need them. You can also have it taken back to the storage facility at JK Moving Services, which is temperature and humidity controlled and safely secured. In either case, the box itself is weatherproof to keep the elements at bay and comes with a security lock.

JK Moving Services Valet service provides security and space.

The containers are anchored with a very heavy base to make it difficult for unauthorized individuals to move it. A single box rental is $89.00 a month plus the pickup and delivery fee of $89 for up to two units when you have the box at  your home. In cases where you are using the JK Moving Services facility, the boxes will be picked up and dropped off twice so the fee will repeat itself.

Outside of the troublesome problems that harsh weather brings, homeowners find the Valet units offer them great  flexibility. When selling your home, making the best impression is important and Wendy Shepherd at JK Moving Services says that “people who are selling their home reduce their clutter by storing items, and this makes it easier for people to view the house.” In a difficult housing market, having any advantage is a plus.

At the end of a stressful day, having all of your items placed in a secure and weatherproof container can certainly bring peace of mind. Knowing that they can be stored off site until you need them really makes life easier.

If  you have any questions or needs concerning storage, please feel free to contact JK Moving Services at 703-260-4282.

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