Fire Breaks Out in a Moving Truck — Remember Your DO NOT PACK Items!


A few weeks ago in Phoenix, Arizona, a family nearly lost everything they owned. Around 1 a.m. on a Thursday, a fire broke out in a parked moving truck. Firefighters said they arrived to see an obvious working fire in the moving trailer, and quickly worked to put the fire out.

(ABC15 Arizona’s story can be read here)

Though the firefighters were successful in putting out the fire, the household belongings inside the truck all needed to be removed from the trailer and were set in the parking lot outside before being loaded onto a new truck that arrived later. Besides the potential damage that occurred when moving the boxes – remember that your moving company’s professional packers and loaders know just how to load items into the truck to prevent damage – the items’ owners now have to worry about potential water and smoke damage to their items.

All of this was likely due to a single lithium battery that overheated.

“Just that little spark – if it sits over time – can cause a big problem,” said a Phoenix fire official, “and it did in this case.”

A small lithium battery nearly destroyed all of the family’s belongings. Thankfully the firefighters were conscientious of the situation and took extra care not to damage the items, but not all fires will be so manageable by the time the firefighters arrive.

Lithium batteries can be found in various items you are likely to pack: smartphones, watches, cameras, remote controls, etc. When packing items such as these, be sure to remove the battery first. If you cannot remove the battery, as is the case with many modern smartphones, you should not pack this into the moving truck.

If you are packing your items yourself, make sure you are aware of all the items you cannot and should not pack. We have made a graphic to show you what cannot be packed, and help you keep your items safe during transport.

You can download or print this list by clicking here.

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