Efficient Commercial Moving

Editor’s Note: Rocco Balsamo is the Vice President of Commercial Sales and today he joins us to discuss commercial moving tips that help save time and increase efficiency.

During a commercial relocation, all movers are at the mercy of the same logistics; the building, the loading dock, and the size and speed of the elevators. At JK, with our dedicated, full-time, IOMI® certified employees we have created an efficient system with state-of-the-art tools that help us deliver a superior commercial move experience.

During a commercial move, we want to be safe and we want to minimize the total volume of the move, limit the amount of employee downtime, and save the customer money and time. We strive to move the contents inside the furniture itself, and not the contents and furniture separately, following these principles.

The Crate and Dolly system in action.
The Crate and Dolly system in action.

Crate and Dolly System

We use durable, plastic crates that are 20% larger than a standard box.  These crates are a standard size which means customers can easily pack their belongings and stack crates on top of each other. This allows our team to easily stack the crates on a dolly and pack them in our trucks. This system allows for more efficient packing, which means fewer trips for our team and fewer truckloads.

The Spider Crane in action.
The Spider Crane in action.

Spider Crane

We use the Spider Crane to move qualified lateral file cabinets fully-loaded. The Spider Crane eliminates the need to empty the file cabinet before moving so customers do not have to worry about the employee downtime caused by unpacking, repacking, and potentially lost files. An additional benefit with the Spider Crane is that customers will have access to files up until the day and time the movers arrive to start your move – and we guarantee no lost or mixed up files; the files will be in the same position at the destination location as the origin location.

Space Gobblers

Space Gobblers, like the Spider Crane, are another good option to limit the amount of employee downtime. Instead of an employee unpacking their desk, the Space Gobbler is placed in the desk and expands, holding all the contents securely in place. This will allow employees to have access to the contents of their desks up until the time the movers arrive to start the move.

Comp-U-Wrap System

The Comp-U-Wrap system is an anti-static sleeve, the size of a large pillow case. Inside the anti-static sleeve there are two sheets of large anti-static bubble wrap (with the bubbles facing each other). To minimize double handling of the equipment, we use PC carts that are lined with the Comp-U-Wrap. Our crews place the equipment on the carts and fold over and wrap them with the Comp-U-Wrap, protecting the equipment from physical impact, static shock and dust, dirt and moisture.

To keep things organized, the peripherals (keyboard, mouse, cables, speakers, docking stations, etc.) are placed in a PC bubble bag and delivered with the CPU and monitor to the new office work space.  By using the Comp-U-Wrap system, we minimize the handling of the equipment  and the customer’s IT team will only have to reconnect the computer system, and not worry about locating every piece of the computer station. The quicker the IT team can get the stations ready, the quicker they can get the servers running.

These four strategies control the total volume of the move, reducing the number of truckloads and labor hours on the job which save the customer money. Our system helps the customer avoid employee downtime by limiting the number of items that need to be packed, while keeping items available until the day of the move.  Our system helps customers save money, suffer less employee downtime, and experience a more efficient move.

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