Driving Towards Safety

Recently, our Maryland team celebrated 351 days injury free and our Virginia team celebrated 270 days injury free. The safety of our crews and of you and your belongings is of the utmost concern during all facets of a move. How do we encourage and reward safety with our crews? Open communication and incentives are the two main ways we have created a culture of safety at JK Moving.

Open Communication

Crew Meetings

The Director of Safety attends every monthly crew meeting, and at each meeting he shares a safety tip or safety reminder. The crew meeting is also an excellent time for the Director of Safety to answer any questions the crew may have, or for him to address any recent incidents.

Video Board

In every crew room there is an electronic video board that runs all day. The safety team uses the electronic boards to share safety tips with the crew. These reminders range from proper ways to back up a truck to proper carrying techniques for household goods. The video board allows JK to promote safety at all hours of the day to reach all of the crew members.

Quality Control

Moving A Couch Out of a WindowAll moves offer unique challenges, some more than others. If the Operations team knows a move is going to be particularly challenging (like moving a couch from the fourth floor to the street, through a window), they will send our Training Manager on the move to oversee and add his insight. The Training Manager has over 20 years of experience and has seen everything the moving industry has to offer.

Driver Training and Mover Training

“We train in our house, not yours.” This is a motto that JK firmly believes in and it’s why every crew member receives three days’ training before ever stepping in your home. They will learn the proper way to carry and load your belongings, which helps keep our crew members safe. All drivers also go through a third party training class before they drive for JK; even if they have several years of experience. This helps us guarantee that all our drivers are held to the same standards and expectations.

Contact Cards

All drivers and crew members carry with them an emergency contact card that has the cell phone numbers for the entire Operations and Safety team. If any crew member ever has a question about a move, they know that the JK team is available and ready to help.

Incentives for Safety


Employee DinnerWhen the crews hit certain milestones, they and their families are rewarded for efforts with a very nice dinner. JK enjoys the opportunity for the crews to celebrate with their families. You can view dinner celebrations here, here, here, and here.

Driver Incentive Program

In addition to dinners, JK has a driver incentive program. In the program, drivers can earn points during the course of the month for no accidents and clean D.O.T. scores. They can use their points to “buy” items ranging from TVs, blue tooth sets, charcoal grills, golf clubs, and coolers. There really is something for everyone. And the points never expire, so drivers can save to get something they really want.

Driver and Helper of the Month

At every crew meeting, a Driver of the Month and a Helper of the Month are recognized in front of the entire crew for their efforts. It’s always a thrill to be recognized in front of your peers and the crew always has kind words for the winner. As an added bonus, there is a gift card for the winners.

We use open communication and incentives to create a culture of safety. As a result, we are experiencing the longest stretches of injury free work from our crews in our 30 year history. We want to highlight the efforts of our crews and thank them for their great work.

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