Driver and Truck Safety Regulations

JK Moving Services TruckOne of the most common moving questions we receive is, “Why does it take your truck so much longer to drive to my house than it took me to get there?” We’d like to take a moment and explain some of the driver and truck safety regulations that affect our arrival time.

1. Our trucks are bigger and heavier.

When a customer drives to their new home they might have a few things packed in their car (like important papers) but not much else. When our trucks leave for your new home they are literally taking all of your belongings (one of our straight trucks can weigh 25,000 pounds fully loaded!). As a result, our trailers are full and it takes our trucks longer to get up to speed and longer to slow down, all while strictly obeying traffic laws.

2. There are certain roads and highways we are not allowed on.

This means that we almost always have to take a different route to your new home. (As a D.C. example, our trucks are not allowed on the George Washington Parkway.) As a result, the truck’s route may not be as efficient as a customer’s route but it’s necessary because of road restrictions.

3. By law, our drivers can only drive 11 hours per day and work 14 hours total per day.

This does not usually affect local and intrastate jobs. It does however affect long-distance moves. To be compliant with the Department of Transportation (DOT), our drivers can’t drive all night long. Instead they take advantage of our hotel program and stop for the night. This rule from the DOT is one of the reasons we (and other movers) give delivery spreads when planning a long-distance move.

JK has a zero-tolerance policy for non-safety which means all of our drivers are thoroughly trained and tested on the rules and regulations of the road before they ever get behind the wheel of a truck. We appreciate the desire for a speedy delivery but we are more interested in keeping your belongings and our employees safe.

What other questions do you have about truck safety? Drop us a note in a comment below!

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