Computer Workstations – Staying Productive During a Commercial Relocation

Welcome to the third installment of our three-part series, “Staying Productive During a Commercial Move.” We previously discussed the Spider Crane and the Boxless Move. Today, we would like to discuss how we handle Computer Workstations.

In our experience, companies view corporate downtime from 5:00 P.M. on Friday to 8:30 A.M. on Monday. To us, corporate downtime is not just when the mover is there, but the time your employees spend preparing for a move and unpacking after the move. To create a more efficient commercial move, we’ve developed a system where we minimize employee downtime and risk of damage.

Would your business function if your computers were down for an hour? Two hours? A full day? The Comp-U-Wrap system helps minimize risk to your computers while allowing your company to quickly be up and running after the move.

How we handle computer workstations?

We line IT carts with Comp-U-Wrap, an anti-static sleeve filled with double sided anti-static bubble wrap. The computer equipment is wrapped in the Comp-U-Wrap, protecting it from physical impact, static shock, and dust. The computer extras (keyboard, mouse, cables, etc.) are placed in a PC bubble bag and moved with the computer station.

This process protects the computer station from potential damage and keeps everything organized. Your employees are going to arrive with their computer station on their desk, ready to go with all the peripherals in a protected bag on their desk. They won’t run into a situation where they have two keyboards and no mouse; they will be ready to pick up without missing a beat.

After everything has been moved, our PC Tech crews will go through and make sure all of the computers are connected and turn on. Our expertise in moving computers will free your IT team from handling the move of the servers or computer stations. In fact, we welcome the opportunity to sit down with your IT team and explain in detail how we will handle all of the equipment.

Thank you for reading our three-part series on Staying Productive During a Commercial Relocation. If you have any questions regarding the Boxless Move or the Spider Crane please leave a comment below or contact your commercial sales consultant.

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