Commercial Relocation Network

As an independent mover, we are not an agent for a van line, nor are we part of a franchise to help us complete moves across the country. However, this is not a disadvantage to us; we are able to be selective and work with the best movers available because of our membership in the Commercial Relocation Network (CRN).

What is the CRN?

The CRN is a network of movers who exchange ideas, educate, train, and develop best practices in the commercial moving industry. JK is 9-time IOMI® certified and the CRN offers another avenue to continue delivering the best commercial relocation services available.

How do we use the CRN?

Because of the selective membership process, we trust working with other movers who are in the CRN. If there is no CRN company in an area that we need to move, we will reach out to the network to determine who we should partner with. This network allows us to continually serve our clients who have other offices outside the D.C.-metro area.

For example, we had a recent client who needed to move an office in North Carolina to D.C. As a solution, we flew down one of our project managers who then managed a crew we selected using the CRN. This way we were able to provide the same level of service for our clients without them having to find another mover.

We’re constantly striving to provide the best service to our commercial clients; it’s why we’re 9-time IOMI® certified and why we’re part of the CRN. It’s another resource for us to continue our growth as a premier commercial mover in the D.C. metro area.

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