Do not pack lithium batteries

Fire Breaks Out in a Moving Truck — Remember Your DO NOT PACK Items!

A few weeks ago in Phoenix, Arizona, a family nearly lost everything they owned. Around 1 a.m. on a Thursday, a fire broke out in a parked moving truck. Firefighters said they arrived to see an obvious working fire in the moving trailer, and quickly worked to put the fire out. (ABC15 Arizona’s story can be read here) Though the firefighters were successful in putting out the fire, the household belongings inside the truck all needed to be removed from the trailer and were set in the parking lot outside before being loaded onto a new truck that arrived later. […]

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JK Crew in Action

Moving Season is Here

Today is the first official day of summer (though we like to call it Moving Season). That means that moving companies around the nation are busier than any other time of the year. As you prepare to move, keep the following summer-time moving tips in mind. 1.     Avoid the end of the month. The last week of a month will be the most hectic time for moving companies. Make sure that this date is available before making plans – your moving company may already be booked! Instead, try to schedule your move for the middle of the month. 2.    Book […]

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Floor Protection

May is National Moving Month — Use These Tips to Start Planning Your Move!

The weather is getting warm and that can only mean one thing – it’s moving time! As the weather gets warmer and summer draws nearer,  more moves are conducted. To signal the beginning of moving season, the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) marks May as National Moving Month. If you are planning to move this summer, start planning ahead. To help you, we have gathered some useful tips to get you started. 1. Book your move with as much notice as possible. We typically recommend booking your move 2-3 weeks before your move day, but with the busy-ness that […]

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9 Vital Items When Moving in Cold Weather

Although you wouldn’t think so, winter can be the best time for moving. For many moving companies, it’s a slower time of year, there is less traffic on the roads, it can be less expensive than moving in the summer, and keeping cool is not an issue. However, winter weather can negate these benefits if you are not prepared. With that in mind, we have gathered a list of essential items for moving in cold weather. 1. Warm clothes–A hat, gloves, boots, and scarf are essential, and so is dressing in layers. You will warm up quickly once the physical […]

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