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7 Tips from Truck Drivers to Keep You Safe on the Roads

As with any logistics and transportation-related company, JK Moving Services has a large fleet of trucks. From the nimble Sprinter van, used for Archiving pick-up and deliveries, to the tractor-trailer, our vehicles play an important role in delivering our services to our customers. Employee training is a vital aspect of our organization, and especially for our drivers. We want them to be equipped with the best equipment, tools, and knowledge to perform their jobs efficiently. Our drivers receive rigorous training as they come into the organization and then on-going by way of annual Move Manager workshops and PACE certification. While we prepare our […]

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aaron shaffer jk moving commercial training manager

Aaron Shaffer Has Grown With JK Commercial Over 15 Years

Aaron Shaffer began as a part-time move helper for JK Commercial 15 years ago, when the business unit only contained 20 employees. Now, he is JK Commercial’s Training Manager, responsible for guiding new members of the team and helping existing employees achieve their goals through training and retraining. “Training helps you build your strengths, helps you look at your weaknesses, and helps you grow with the organization.” Aaron is passionate about the Commercial Services JK provides, and hopes to continue rising through the ranks at JK Commercial. Watch Aaron’s full story below. This video is part of JK’s #TalentTuesday series, […]

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JK is Committed to a Culture of Safety — JK’s 2016 Move Manager Workshop

Recently, all of JK Moving Services’ Move Managers came to JK’s headquarters in Sterling, Virginia to attend our annual Move Manager Workshops, a series of training sessions that recommit our long-distance drivers to the top safety practices. Move Managers Why do we call our drivers “Move Managers?” Because they are much more than drivers. Sure, they drive the vehicles, but they are also responsible for the crews that load and unload your belongings. JK’s Move Managers know the best packing and transporting procedures – how to prevent damage to your items and home during the move – and are up […]

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How Does JK Keep Estimates Accurate?

Accurate estimates allow a customer to set a firm budget and plan which services they will require. JK’s residential move consultants undergo extensive, hands-on training to ensure that the in-home estimates customers receive are accurate. Sales Team Mentors New move consultants at JK are mentored by experienced sales team members. By shadowing an experienced salesperson, the new consultant learns what questions to ask, how to account for every item during the walk-through of the house, and how to comfortably interact with customers and relay relevant information. Practicing in the JK Training House All new move consultants at JK must develop […]

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A New Meaning to “The Dog Days of Summer”

A few years ago, we wrote about the officers and service dogs from the K-9 Unit of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority. These specially-trained teams manage the serious work of protecting the public from harm at airports in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.  And four years later, these teams still enjoy training in our warehouse. More recently, we were contacted by agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (more commonly known as the ATF), which is part of the U.S. Department of Justice.  While unaware of the previous K-9 training that had taken place in our facility, they […]

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JK Training

We Train Our Movers in Our House, Not Yours

At JK Moving Services, no one learns on the job. Training is a vital aspect of employee growth and development at every level and in every department. Likewise, we believe it is important to train our movers before they even step foot on your front door or in your office. Every driver and moving crew member completes rigorous, hands-on training, expertly learning how to properly pack, load, and move your belongings even in the tightest of spaces. In our state-of-the-art, on-site facility, our movers also learn how to protect the home you are leaving as well as the home you […]

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