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7 Tips from Truck Drivers to Keep You Safe on the Roads

As with any logistics and transportation-related company, JK Moving Services has a large fleet of trucks. From the nimble Sprinter van, used for Archiving pick-up and deliveries, to the tractor-trailer, our vehicles play an important role in delivering our services to our customers. Employee training is a vital aspect of our organization, and especially for our drivers. We want them to be equipped with the best equipment, tools, and knowledge to perform their jobs efficiently. Our drivers receive rigorous training as they come into the organization and then on-going by way of annual Move Manager workshops and PACE certification. While we prepare our […]

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Do not pack lithium batteries

Fire Breaks Out in a Moving Truck — Remember Your DO NOT PACK Items!

A few weeks ago in Phoenix, Arizona, a family nearly lost everything they owned. Around 1 a.m. on a Thursday, a fire broke out in a parked moving truck. Firefighters said they arrived to see an obvious working fire in the moving trailer, and quickly worked to put the fire out. (ABC15 Arizona’s story can be read here) Though the firefighters were successful in putting out the fire, the household belongings inside the truck all needed to be removed from the trailer and were set in the parking lot outside before being loaded onto a new truck that arrived later. […]

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JK is Committed to a Culture of Safety — JK’s 2016 Move Manager Workshop

Recently, all of JK Moving Services’ Move Managers came to JK’s headquarters in Sterling, Virginia to attend our annual Move Manager Workshops, a series of training sessions that recommit our long-distance drivers to the top safety practices. Move Managers Why do we call our drivers “Move Managers?” Because they are much more than drivers. Sure, they drive the vehicles, but they are also responsible for the crews that load and unload your belongings. JK’s Move Managers know the best packing and transporting procedures – how to prevent damage to your items and home during the move – and are up […]

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Don’t Pack These Items!

Packing is one of the most stressful parts of moving. Even if you have a thorough plan of how you will pack all of your items, you likely end up just stuffing the last items into whichever box will fit them. We understand: you just want to get it over with. That is why we developed a list of items that you should not pack. Not packing these items helps ensure that your belongings will remain safe. Also, if any damage occurs, you are sure to keep your insurance rights intact, which will help you get the full value of […]

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Move Smart, Not Hard, Into Your New Apartment! Part Two

In Part 1 of our apartment moving tips series, we covered general tips about planning a move in or out of an apartment.  Today, we’ll review specific considerations about elevator use and  loading docks (typically found in high-rise apartment buildings). Reserve ahead. Once you know your move in/out date, promptly reserve the elevator and loading dock and obtain a parking permit. In some urban areas, you may need to block part of the street near or in front of your new building for the moving truck. By contacting your local municipality or police precinct at least a week prior to the move, […]

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Move Smart, Not Hard, Into Your New Apartment!

Move in day is approaching, and maybe you’re moving into your first apartment or maybe you’re an “old hand” at this. Regardless of the situation, there is a misconception that moving into an apartment takes less time, costs less, and in general is less of a hassle. The reality is, movers may need more time with an apartment move. The elevator is king In any apartment move, the elevator controls the pace. The speed, size and weight limit of elevators plays a pivotal role in how quickly an apartment can be moved. Not only will the elevator slow down the […]

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