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Top Places to Visit after Moving to Arlington, Virginia

With its close proximity to Washington, D.C., Arlington County, Virginia is home to numerous federal agencies including the Department of Defense, Drug Enforcement Administration, and Transportation Security Administration. While federal agencies heavily support the local economy, chocolate will soon play an important role. That’s right, chocolate. In January 2017, Nestlé announced its plan to move its U.S. headquarters to Arlington in late 2017. Nestlé expects to add around 750 jobs to the Arlington community. If you’re new to the area (or if you’ve lived here your whole life), check out our list of top places to visit in Arlington, Virginia. Food & Drink

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Back to School Season is Here; Moving Season Comes to an End

It is that time of the year again — back to school season, a challenging follow-up to moving season. In August and September, college students are moving back to school, freshmen are hectically planning their dorm move-in for the first time, and recently-moved families try to unpack all of their back-to-school belongings to prepare. Whether you are moving a college student, settling in after your summer-time move, or welcoming new neighbors, we have tips to help you out! College-Bound Moving Tips that Save Time, Money, and Hassle College move-ins are rarely stress-free. Besides moving in at the same time as potentially thousands […]

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College-Bound Moving Tips that Save Time, Money, and Hassle

  Fall is just around the corner, and school will soon be in session. And if you have college-bound kids, it is nearly time to move them into their new dormitory. Maybe you are moving your first child, maybe you are moving your last and are about to be an empty-nester! Regardless of your situation, there are a few college moving tips to ensure an easier move-in. Plan ahead and get an early start. Your college student should connect with their future roommate ahead of time (many incoming college students use Facebook to get in touch before move-in day) to see what shared items–television, […]

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11 “Boxy” Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just a few days away and you procrastinated on putting together a costume. You can go to the costume store and sink $50 on a one-use costume, or you could put in a little effort to easily create your own. With some scissors, paint, and tape or glue, you can turn those old cardboard moving boxes into a great Halloween costume with time to spare. And you’ll be re-using the box to boot! Here are some clever costume ideas that all start with a simple cardboard box: Candy box: A cannibalistic candy box going door-to-door looking for treats is pretty scary when […]

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Divorce and Moving

We’ve all had times where we are shopping or sitting in our car and an old song comes on the radio that triggers memories from our past. Those songs can bring out intense, old feelings of happiness or sadness we once felt during that time of our life. Much like music, our physical belongings can also serve as emotional memory anchors. Moving on and moving out is never an easy task during a divorce. Moving can be stressful enough without having to divide your belongings and having every item you pack be a reminder of the good and bad times […]

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6 Tips and Suggestions for Holiday Moving

Are you planning a move this upcoming holiday season? If yes, here are six tips and suggestions to make your move and holiday season more joyful. 1.Look to donate holiday decorations that haven’t been on display for years. We always recommend minimizing how much you move, and with your holiday decorations you can donate them and spread a little more holiday cheer for a local non-profit organization. 2.When sending out your holiday cards make it a “two-fer” by letting everyone know of your upcoming move and using your new address as the return address. And while you’re at it, make […]

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