Berlin, Germany

7 Terms to Know for International Moving

International Moves can be broken down into three separate components. The first component is origin services, which covers everything involved with leaving the point of origin, including packing and moving the household goods. The second component is the transportation of goods which covers how the goods are going to be shipped, whether it’s by air, truck, rail, or ship. The third component of an international move is destination services, which covers everything after your goods arrive at the point of entry.

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US Embassy London

How to Access Assistance Abroad – 7 Ways Consulates Can Help

After accepting the position of a lifetime in Barcelona, you get nervous. You and your family have only ever lived in suburban America and moving to a popular metropolis halfway across the world will be a big change. How can you combat those nerves? Connecting with a consulate or embassy in your host country is a good start! How do you register with an embassy or consulate? To get the most out of consular services while abroad, register with your nearest embassy or consulate. Different countries have different registration processes, but, a lot of countries offer a simple, online travel […]

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Five Guys

11 Top Places to Visit after Moving to Arlington, Virginia

With its close proximity to Washington, D.C., Arlington County, Virginia is home to numerous federal agencies including the Department of Defense, Drug Enforcement Administration, and Transportation Security Administration. While federal agencies heavily support the local economy, chocolate will soon play an important role. That’s right, chocolate. In January 2017, Nestlé announced its plan to move its U.S. headquarters to Arlington in late 2017. Nestlé expects to add around 750 jobs to the Arlington community. If you’re new to the area (or if you’ve lived here your whole life), check out our list of top places to visit in Arlington, Virginia. Food & Drink

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How to Prepare for an International Move

Moving can be an exciting, yet stressful process. And moving internationally adds another layer of complexity to an already nerve-wracking milestone. As more and more companies expand globally, international relocations will become more common. While the decision to relocate globally for work, experience, or pleasure is ultimately up to you, outside factors might just guide you to a new country. So what is the global relocation process like? Who do you have to notify? When do you have to start? What documents do you need to arrange? We’re here to help answer five of the most frequently asked questions about […]

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Choosing an Independent Mover or a Van Line for Your Long Distance Move

For those making interstate moves, you have an important decision to make—van line agent or independent mover. What is the difference and why should you choose one over the other? With local moves, you will usually see the same crew throughout—the same group that packs and loads your belongings will also be delivering and unloading your items at your new home. However, with long distance moves, the crew at your new home will be different (except the driver). Where they come from depends on what type of company you hired—an independent mover or a van line agent. Independent Mover Independent […]

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Keeping Our Long Distance Drivers Comfortable

An important part of any moving company’s success is its drivers.  Long distance drivers in particular are frequently away from home, friends, and family for several days – or even a couple of weeks – at a time.  We don’t see them as often as some of our other employees, so we make extra efforts to make them feel valued and appreciated. We opened a dedicated, furnished break room at our Sterling, VA headquarters for our long-distance drivers and their helpers to enjoy when they are between jobs. We appreciate all of our drivers’ hard work and the tireless hours they spend […]

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