Calories Burned While Moving (Infographic)

Moving can get tiresome; packing, carrying and loading/unloading boxes, and then having to unpack it. The good news is you will probably be burning more calories while moving than you would on a typical day at the gym. We’ve put together an infographic of some of the most common physical activities that take place during a move, and roughly an idea of the calories burned while moving. You will want to go to, or download the mobile app, and enter things like height, weight, and amount of time you spent on each activity for the most accurate calculations.   […]

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Partnering with Identity Guard® in Support of National Moving Month

May 1st marked the beginning of National Moving Month, a time when many families start planning a move to a new home, especially as the school year comes to a close. We’ve teamed up with privacy experts Identity Guard®, a leading identity theft protection company, to provide consumers with a comprehensive checklist to help them have a safe and worry-free move. Click Here for Full Sized Infographic 5 Safety Tips for Consumers Planning a Move:

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