Sean Dorman, Director of Client Services

Sean Dorman Joins JK Moving as Director of Client Services

JK Moving Services (JKMS), the leader in relocation services, today announced that veteran Client Services executive, Sean Dorman, has joined the company as Director of Client Services. Dorman brings nearly 18 years of experience in the moving and logistics industries. “I’m excited to join the JK family and welcome the opportunity to continue to elevate the level of service to our clients.” Dorman explains. Dorman will be leading the team to create positive, memorable experiences for our clients during normally stressful situations.  His systematic approach has led to the success of some of the most sophisticated relocations this area has […]

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Innovation in Moving & Storage

Sustainable Building Protection – Polynite® JK Moving Services takes great care to protect all surfaces throughout your move. In fact, JK ensures the protection of every part of your newly constructed space. In 2018 JK took a strategic sustainable approach to protect your building and workspace with Polynite®. Polynite® is a revolutionary new product that will eventually replace Masonite as the industry standard. For this reason, our Crews cover sensitive surfaces like marble, hardwood, slate, and high-gloss tile with a layer of Polynite®, binding it with duct tape to prevent shifting.  Polynite’s® advantages over traditional Masonite include: Clean – It […]

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JK Innovation: Our People

Innovation in Moving & Storage: Our People

Believe it or not, some of the best examples of innovation at JK Moving Services are named Maria. Or Vinnie. Or Pat. They aren’t robots. They’re people. They’re members of our team, many of whom have been with us for five, 10, 20 years and longer. And we just happen to believe we have the most innovative team in the business: We hire the best We thoroughly background-check and drug-test We train the best, providing thousands of hours of IOMI® training procedures that set the mark in our industry We test and certify constantly We design our own processes and […]

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Video Survey Technology

Innovation in Moving & Storage: Video Survey Technology

At JK Moving Services, most moves start with an on-site visit by a trained member of our team. That’s the best way to meet you face to face, see your space and inventory, answer your questions, and prepare an accurate estimate for your move. But what about that storage room you forgot to show us? Or you’re relocating from the Midwest to the DC area for work? Whether you’re moving to a new office space or a new home, that’s when our video survey technology puts a virtual presence right on the scene! Download the app. Use your phone or […]

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Anti-Collision & Blind-Spot Protection on All Our Trucks

Innovation in Moving & Storage: Anti-Collision & Blind-Spot Detection

At JK Moving Services we believe our drivers are the best in the business. We hire the best, train the best, and keep our experienced team members years longer than the industry average. We have the track record—and the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) fleet safety award—to prove it! But we don’t only rely on our people, as good as they are. We also invest in the latest anti-collision and blind-spot detection for all our trucks, to enhance safety and protect your precious cargo. It isn’t easy moving a loaded moving truck through parking lots or to loading docks. […]

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Great Employee Experience

Want a Great Employee Experience?

In this article on Fast Company, Tammy Perkins tells us how to obtain a high-level employee experience. At the highest level, employee experience, or EX,  illustrates everything that people encounter, observe, or feel over the course of their time with a company. EX is defined by the sum of its parts–from the daily vibe in the workplace to the employee’s purpose and place on their team and how they deliver value for their organization. Company leaders are stewards of culture and the environment the team works in. We create opportunities, position individuals and teams to thrive, and tend culture. None of this happens […]

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