Update to “Lights! Warehouse! Sustainability!”

Last fall we wrote about our efforts to be a more responsible corporate citizen and how we upgraded all the warehouse, outdoor, and office lights at our Maryland location.

JK Maryland Warehouse
JK Maryland Warehouse

We had many goals when we implemented the upgrade of our 40,000 square foot warehouse in Maryland. We wanted to increase the overall lighting in that space so our crews felt like they were working outside when in the warehouse. The new lights last much longer and only lose 8% of their initial output over the course of their lifespan. This means we are changing the lights less frequently and the quality of light in the warehouse not only feels more like natural light, but it also stays relatively the same.

One of the most important reasons for the upgrade was to monitor how much energy we used to light the warehouse and office. As we noted in our previous post:

“HIDs (our old original lights) are very inefficient sources for lighting. We are replacing, one-for-one, the HIDS with energy efficient lights. Along with new lights, we will also be adding motion sensors in the office area which will significantly reduce energy usage.”

So how are we doing? From November 13th, 2010 through December 15th, 2010, our facility used 16,440 kWh. After the upgrade, from November 14th, 2011 through December 15th, 2011, our facility used a total of 7,220 kWh. Our overall energy reduction was 56%. In addition to this huge energy savings, we estimate that JK is saving 82.41% on its monthly energy bill, so we feel great about helping the environment, improving the workplace for our employees, and saving money to boot. These numbers are just a one month comparison; we are very excited to see continuous energy savings in the coming months and year.

We are pleased with how effective these new lights have been in reducing our energy consumption. In fact, we are now reviewing the feasibility of expanding the new lighting program to our headquarters located in Sterling, Virginia. We are serious about being a responsible corporate citizen and we will continue to investigate potential options and upgrades across all avenues here at JK.

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