Back to School Season is Here; Moving Season Comes to an End

jk-college-moving-servicesIt is that time of the year again — back to school season, a challenging follow-up to moving season. In August and September, college students are moving back to school, freshmen are hectically planning their dorm move-in for the first time, and recently-moved families try to unpack all of their back-to-school belongings to prepare. Whether you are moving a college student, settling in after your summer-time move, or welcoming new neighbors, we have tips to help you out!

College-Bound Moving Tips that Save Time, Money, and Hassle

College move-ins are rarely stress-free. Besides moving in at the same time as potentially thousands of other students, you are also dealing with a lot of emotions and an important point in your son or daughter’s life. The key to minimizing stress is to be prepared–and we have you covered with this article.

7 Housewarming Gifts for Your New Neighbor

Everyone wants to have a friendly relationship with their neighbors — to feel comfortable leaving the spare key with them in case you ever get locked out. Start things off positively by bringing them a welcoming housewarming gift.

Make Moving Fun for Kids

Moving with kids presents very unique challenges. Children are full of energy and need to stay active, but moving requires organization, precision, and attention. Use these tips to ensure your child does not interfere with the move, has the opportunity to help, and maybe even enjoys it!

13 Things I Learned from Moving Myself

A JK employee moved himself, and came back with plenty of tips for others. Whether you are hiring a moving company or moving yourself, these tips can definitely help.

Back to school time is an exciting time in life. However, it can also be nerve-racking, especially when dealing with unforeseen obstacles. With the above articles, you can minimize mistakes and optimize efficiency so that you can focus on what matters most.

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