College-Bound Moving Tips that Save Time, Money, and Hassle

  Fall is just around the corner, and school will soon be in session. And if you have college-bound kids, it is nearly time to move them into their new dormitory. Maybe you are moving your first child, maybe you are moving your last and are about to be an empty-nester! Regardless of your situation, there are a few college moving tips to ensure an easier move-in. Plan ahead and get an early start. Your college student should connect with their future roommate ahead of time (many incoming college students use Facebook to get in touch before move-in day) to see what shared items–television, […]

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verena goetz jk moving global international relocation coordinator

Verena Goetz was amazed at the scope of JK’s operations

Verena Goetz joined JK last summer as a Global Relocation Coordinator. She had seen the JK trucks all around the Washington, D.C.-area, but it was not until she joined JK that she realized just how many pieces cooperate to form an independent moving company. “I was very amazed when I first came on board at the size of the operations.” She realized that the company is made up of more than movers. There are long-distance drivers, move coordinators, operations and logistics, and also the training managers that keep our crews’ skills fine-tuned in JK’s training house. You can see Verena’s full interview by clicking here. […]

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7 Housewarming Gifts for Your New Neighbor

A neighbor should be someone you trust–someone with whom you can leave a spare key or arrange play dates for your kids. But these things do not happen right away. First you need to build a friendly relationship with your neighbor. Start off on the right foot by welcoming them to the neighborhood with some of these housewarming gifts. A bottle of wine Everyone knows that moving can be stressful. A bottle of wine can give them something to look forward to after a day of unpacking (and motivate them to get the dishes unpacked). A small, low-maintenance houseplant Plants […]

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aaron shaffer jk moving commercial training manager

Aaron Shaffer Has Grown With JK Commercial Over 15 Years

Aaron Shaffer began as a part-time move helper for JK Commercial 15 years ago, when the business unit only contained 20 employees. Now, he is JK Commercial’s Training Manager, responsible for guiding new members of the team and helping existing employees achieve their goals through training and retraining. “Training helps you build your strengths, helps you look at your weaknesses, and helps you grow with the organization.” Aaron is passionate about the Commercial Services JK provides, and hopes to continue rising through the ranks at JK Commercial. Watch Aaron’s full story below. This video is part of JK’s #TalentTuesday series, […]

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8 Moving Hacks that Cost You Nothing

Moving can be expensive. Moving is stressful. That is why you should use every trick at your disposal to make your move easier and less expensive. The following tips cost you nothing and will have you kicking yourself for not utilizing them before.   1. Use empty toilet paper rolls to organize cords and prevent tangling. The time spent untangling cords will make you tear your hair out. Utilizing this trick makes it quick and easy.   2. Wrap bottles of liquids such as shampoo in plastic wrap. The plastic wrap should contain the liquid and prevent leaking.   3. […]

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(NOW) Full and Part-Time Help Needed at JK

JK Moving Services is always looking to add full and part-time workers to help us manage the busyness of summer. If you are looking to work for a constantly growing company that promotes from within, apply to JK today! Our employee benefits extend beyond profit-sharing plans and health care — we routinely host a Farmer’s Market at our office, invite ice cream trucks, and have a tuition-assistance program.

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