Move Smart, Not Hard, Into Your New Apartment! Part Two

In Part 1 of our apartment moving tips series, we covered general tips about planning a move in or out of an apartment.  Today, we’ll review specific considerations about elevator use and  loading docks (typically found in high-rise apartment buildings).

Reserve ahead.

  • Once you know your move in/out date, promptly reserve the elevator and loading dock and obtain a parking permit.
    • In some urban areas, you may need to block part of the street near or in front of your new building for the moving truck. By contacting your local municipality or police precinct at least a week prior to the move, you can secure a parking permit, which must be posted 72 hours in advance of the move date to be enforced.
    • For long-distance moves in particular, reserving the loading dock is essential. Interstate moves typically involve a tractor-trailer, and the mover will require access to the loading dock for such a large truck.

Timing is everything.

Many buildings have specific start and end times for elevator and loading dock use, so make note of when you can begin your move. Some buildings will strictly enforce these times, stopping a move in the late afternoon whether your move is complete or not. Your mover will then have to return your belongings to their warehouse, adding additional transportation and storage fees to your bill. This is why it is crucial to notify your mover of the time window provided by your property manager.

Visit the property ahead of time.

Check out the elevator and stairs at your new building prior to the move. Some elevators are smaller and can carry less weight than others and can lead to moving crews having to take the stairs with larger items. If you are not sure whether the elevator is too small, have your moving consultant view the elevator prior to the move as well, so they can assemble the right crew for the job.

Don’t forget.

Conduct a final inspection of the moving truck and loading dock area before the crew leaves to ensure none of your belongings have been left behind.

We hope our two-part series on apartment moving has been helpful.  Follow these tips and advice, and you should enjoy a smooth experience on moving day!

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