America is Moving!

America is Moving

America is a country that is mobile and adaptive. People move for many different reasons. Sometimes for work, other times for family or in search of change or opportunity. The Census Bureau has been keeping track of the moving habits since 1948 and have released the report detailing how many Americans moved in 2009. This information is interesting and relevant because of the relationship between moving and the economy. There have been reports that individuals have been less likely to relocate in this troubled economy and this certainly was reflected in the 2008 Census Bureau data. That being said, with more moves in 2009 it could be a sign of the positive things to come.

While the Census Bureau determined that the 2008 national “mover rate” was at the lowest rate since the bureau began tracking data in 1948, 2009 showed an increase in families moving. 37.1 million people 1 year or older changed residences in the U.S. during 2009. This is up from 35.2 million in 2008.

Some additional facts of interest are that 67.3 percent of all individuals who moved located themselves within the same county, 17.2 percent moved to a different county in the same state and 12.6 percent moved to or from a different state. some 2.9 percent moved to the U.S. from abroad.

People in the Northeast U.S. had the lowest relocation rate at 8.1 percent. Other regions of the U.S. relocated at the following rates; Midwest 11.6%, South 13.7 percent and West 14.8 percent.

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