9th Annual Drivers’ Conference

This weekend we are pleased to be welcoming a majority of our long distance drivers for our 9th Annual Drivers’ Conference. The Conference allows us to accomplish several objectives before the traditional “busy season” starts, including professional development for our drivers and rewarding them for their outstanding contributions.9th annual driver conference

What Happens at Our Driver Conferences?

Team Building. It’s not often that our long distance drivers are in the same place together, so it can be challenging to boost camaraderie.  This year’s team building event will be hosted at a local bowling alley where the team can socialize and share some friendly competition in a relaxed spot. It’s always a well-received event.

Education.  Members of our Operations, Customer Care, Sales, and Safety teams will review new company policies, procedures, and regulations in their break-out sessions. This is a wonderful opportunity to update our long distance drivers about JK’s goals and long-term direction.  The education goes both ways — we also use these sessions to solicit feedback from our drivers, and to understand the challenges they face day-to-day.

Awards. We want our drivers to know how important they are and much they are appreciated, which is why we celebrate them with an awards ceremony. In this ceremony we will recognize our Driver of the Year, Driver of the Year runner-up, Driver with the Most Miles without an Accident, Rookie of the Year, and Newcomer of the Year.

At JK, our drivers are vital to our success and we’re thrilled we can bring them in for a weekend conference where we can reward them and continue their professional development. We’re serious about our business and we want them to know how much they are appreciated.

Check back on our Facebook page for photos of the event!

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