9 New Year’s Moving Resolutions

If you are moving in 2016, do not procrastinate! Set some New Year’s resolutions around your move. People tend to delay many items on this list, so get them done ahead of time if possible and keep them in mind when planning your move.

  1. Start looking for a moving company early. JK recommends getting three in-home estimates from reputable moving companies to acquaint yourself with their pricing and service quality.
  2. Measure furniture, and ensure it will fit in the new home.
  3. Clear at least three boxes-worth of storage by donating or recycling. Removing excess items will save you money during the move, and allows you to get rid of some needless items.
  4. Use at least two of JK’s moving hacks to cut the cost and time spent on your move.
  5. Pack all of your own clothing. Packing is a drag, but clothes are the easiest items to pack and are also fairly personal. Packing them yourself saves time and money, and is not as difficult as packing dishes or electronics.
  6. Keep a list of all items you are moving, and check them off as you unpack them. This will ensure that no items are missing or left behind. If your movers are doing the packing, they will provide an inventory list for your record.
  7. If you select new doctors, transfer your medical records prior to moving.
  8. File a change-of-address form with the U.S. Postal Service two weeks prior to the move. You can conveniently submit the form online.
  9. Use that gym membership!


  1. These are some great tips, and I appreciate your advice to clear at least three boxes by donating or recycling. My husband and I are moving in a couple of months, and there is a lot to do before then. I have a lot of stuff I don’t really need to keep, so I’ll definitely look into clearing some of it as a New Year’s resolution to make the moving process easier. Thanks for the great post!

    1. We are glad you found this helpful! When it comes to getting rid of items, people would rather postpone the process until after the move to reduce stress. This leaves them with additional costs, time spent packing, and then more time unpacking. By setting these items aside prior to the move, you can kill two birds with one stone.

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