7 Ways JK Makes Commercial Relocation Worry Free

We understand the concerns involved with a commercial relocation. You deal with property managers, architects, along with scores of suppliers, all while explaining the move to your employees. Today we would like to address the concerns involved with a commercial move and 7 ways JK makes the move worry free.

The Spider Crane is a tool we use during a commercial relocation.
The Spider Crane is a tool we use during a commercial relocation.

1. Customer Concern – My crew won’t be trained commercial movers.

Our employees are trained in the current best practices for packing, loading, and moving everything from computers, servers, and electronics, to desks and filing cabinets. In fact, we are the only ten-time certified company by the International Office Movers Institute (IOMI®), the gold standard in office moving.  By staying current with best practices in office moving, we can continue to improve our techniques and processes to deliver efficient and effective moves for our clients. For more information, watch this video discussing our commercial move training.

Our commercial bins are used for more efficient packing and moving.
Our commercial bins are used for more efficient packing and moving.

2. Customer Concern – I can’t afford all of the employee downtime.

We use spider cranes, space gobblers, and crates to help companies experience less downtime. Employees have to pack less, and what they do have to pack is being packed into a crate which can be stacked and more easily moved. The faster your employees can get going after an office move, the better.

3. Customer Concern – All my files will be lost.

The spider crane eliminates the extra handling of files, by moving lateral file cabinets with the files in them. This way the files are in the same exact order after the move as they were before. Watch this video demonstrating the spider crane.

4. Customer Concern – My computers and servers will be damaged.

Our system is dedicated to keeping the computer stations and servers organized and protected during a move. We protect the computer stations and servers using Comp-U-Wrap, which is an anti-static, two-ply bubble wrap that offers maximum protection and cushioning. Computer stations (monitor, computer, mouse, and keyboard) are moved on rolling carts as a precautionary measure.  Here are photos of our commercial team training.

Building protection comes standard with every commercial relocation.
Building protection comes standard with every commercial relocation.

5. Customer Concern – My building will be damaged during the move.

You’re already concerned about your computer stations and servers; the last thing you want to worry about is damaged walls and doors. At JK we use Mat-A-Doors, Teflon Door Jamb Protectors, Coroflex, Pathrite, Masonite, and cardboard to protect your walls, doors, and floors on every move.

6. Customer Concern – My items will be damaged during the move.

There is a concern that office items may be damaged during transportation. Our commercial fleet is built for office relocations; all having state-of-the-art, air-ride suspension systems for maximum protection of assets during the move and having either lift gates or rail gates to make loading and unloading safer and more effective. We use the e-Trac system inside of our trucks so we can secure the load during transport. Interested in more information regarding our fleet? Click here.

7. Customer Concern – All of my excess furniture and office supplies will go to waste.

Instead of sending the excess furniture to the landfill, we work with non-profit organizations to provide them with furniture they may want or need. For excess office supplies, we keep a “triage center” where we store leftover office supplies, again available for non-profits. We want to limit the amount of waste that goes into the landfill and this is one of the ways we accomplish our goal.

We understand the questions and concerns our customers have before, during, and after a move. We have been in business for more than thirty years because we listen and handle the concerns of our clients, we give our people the best equipment to work with, and because we invest in our employees. We would like the opportunity to deliver a worry-free move for you today!

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    1. Planning is incredibly important in all types of moving, but especially commercial moves. You need to plan ahead so you know when you’re allowed to enter the building, where to park, which doors you can and can’t use, which are just a few examples of the importance of planning ahead.

  1. Great article about worry free relocation. We hire out the moving crates/ bins in the UK. Thanks for the great tips we can share these with some of our partners in the UK.

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