7 Tips To Prepare For Move Day

You’ve received your three in-home estimates and you’ve selected your mover. You’re ready to go. Now, how do you prepare for move day? Here are a few tips and tricks to help you prepare for your move day.

1. Set up a play date for your children.

You’ll want to keep your children safe during the move. Kids are naturally curious and they could get in the way of the movers, leading to them getting hurt or potential damage to your possessions. Protect both your children and your belongings by arranging a fun day out of the house for the kids.

2. Keep pets outside or in a room.

Like your children, you will want to keep your pets separated from the movers. Pets can be skittish and might not react well to your belongings being moved out of the house. To keep them calm and comfortable, we recommend keeping them in a quiet room, or in a safe area of your yard.

JK Crew in Action3. Create an “essential items” box.

This will be the last box loaded and the first box unloaded at your destination. Pack anything that would be essential for your first night. For example, you might want to pack paper towels, soap, and toilet paper. You’ll be tired after your move and won’t want to hunt through your boxes to find these items.

4. Be ready at arrival.

Be ready to answer the door when your movers arrive, as the movers will get to work right away. Movers will do an initial walkthrough before they pack or put anything on the truck. During this walkthrough they will make note of any previously damaged items. If you have questions, make sure to ask the crew then.

5. Create a “do not pack” area.

Some of your belongings won’t be packed, whether it’s suitcases or items the new owners will be taking. Use a room or a closet to keep these items separate from the items that will be moving. Mark the room or closet with a “Do Not Move” sign. This makes it easy for you and the movers.

6. Don’t make travel plans on move day.

Make travel arrangements for the day following your move. Sometimes the move takes longer than expected and the movers need you to be available for the entirety of the move. You won’t want to watch the clock all day during the move and wonder if you’re going to be able to leave on time, so alleviate some of the stress and make your travel arrangements for the following day.

7. Before the movers leave, perform a final walkthrough.

Checks sheds, attics, and your basement to make sure everything that was supposed to be packed, was packed. If an item was missed, it will be much easier for the crew to load the item before they leave for your new residence.

These tips will help you prepare for move day. Remember, these are trained professionals who know what they are doing, so trust them to do the job you hired them to do. If you have questions, ask your move coordinator before your move. Do you have any tips to prepare for move day? Share them in the comments below!

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  1. Yes, this is a great list! We will also be moving next month and when we moved five years ago, it was a disaster. Hopefully this list will help it go a bit more smoothly!

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