7 Tips to be Ready for Move Day

At JK, we understand the stress involved with a move and we do everything we can to create a worry-free move day. Today, we would like to provide 7 tips that will help you be better prepared for move day, leading to a successful move.

When packing yourself, make sure the boxes are of good quality.
When packing yourself, make sure the boxes are of good quality.

  1. Have your appliances ready.

    You should allow 24 -48 hours before your move to defrost your freezer and refrigerator. Have a cooler ready so you can store drinks and other snacks on the day of the move for you and your family.

  2. Handle the items movers can’t move.

    There is a list of items that your mover is not able to move for safety reasons. You have three options; you can safely dispose of these items, move them yourself, or donate them to your neighbor or local non-profit depending on their condition.

  3. Packing yourself?

    If this is an option you choose, make sure you are using quality boxes and packing materials so your goods are protected during transportation. Make sure to clearly label all the boxes that you’ve packed. Good labeling saves time on the unload, and as we like to say, “label it once, move it once.”

  4. Clearly designate which items are not to be moved.

    Movers understand that not every item goes on the truck and to your new home. To make it easier and to avoid confusion, it’s best to move these items in a clearly marked room or closet. This way the moving crew knows absolutely what is and isn’t going on the truck.

  5. Plan your schedule accordingly.

    Make sure you’re home when the movers arrive. They’ll be ready to get started right away and will need you there to answer any questions. If you have small children, try to set up a play date at a friend’s house or get a baby sitter. (If you have pets, try to keep them outside, or locked in a room during the move.) We don’t want to put your children, your belongings, or our crews at risk.

  6. Clear the walkways.

    Clear the walkways of anything that may cause a mover (or yourself) to stumble or trip. This includes shoveling the driveway, removing leaves, and putting away toys. This makes for a safer move.

  7. Walk through, lock it up, and shut it down.

    Once the movers are done loading the trailer, take one final walk through of your home and see if any of your belongings are still there. It’s especially important to check attics, basements, garages, and sheds for anything that may have been left behind. As you’re walking through, make sure your windows are closed and locked and all the lights are off.

These seven tips are a helpful start to getting ready for move day. Because every move is unique, if you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask your move consultant or customer service representative for any tips, hints, or suggestions. If you have a great tip, please leave it below in the comments section; we’d love to hear from you!

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