5 Tips to Find Valuable Antiques

Today, we welcome our friend Daniel Sanders from Four Sales Ltd, the largest professional estate sales and personal property firm in the Mid-Atlantic. Four Sales has been in business since 1972 and today they would like to discuss, “5 Tips to Find Valuable Antiques.”

Do you know how to find valuable antiques? These five tips will help.
Do you know how to find valuable antiques? These five tips will help.

Buying furniture for your home is a huge job and always an ongoing project; so why not take the steps to ensure that the items you acquire are authentic and hold their value? Keep in mind things like type of materials used and the condition of the piece. These five tips will help you decipher what you want to buy and what you do not!

  1. Look for the manufacturer’s signature on the piece; this can ensure that it is an authentic, quality item. Also, look for the types of materials used (bronze, glass, etc.) because each of these materials could be an accent used from certain eras allowing you to timestamp the piece.
  2. Is the item rare or a peculiar color/texture? This could mean that it is a limited edition piece or a special production by the artist.
  3. What condition is the piece of furniture in: mint, perfect, or good? Pay attention to details such as scratches, cracks, chips, discoloration due to sunlight, OR signs of repair like off color paint and/or glue marks.
  4. Is it visually pleasing to you? Do not buy an eyesore just because it is a single production item. Art and furniture are to be things that you want to gaze at and enjoy for many years. Desirability shouldn’t blind you as a buyer; always get the piece that speaks to you most!
  5. Research the time period that a piece of art or furniture was produced in, and if you haven’t heard about the artist or manufacturer, do your research. Sometimes items at estate sales are skipped over because the artist isn’t as popular as others; keep in mind some of the best artists are the ones yet to be discovered!

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