4 Things to Verify Before Selecting Your Mover

You’ve received three in-home estimates, discussed potential movers with friends and your real estate agent. You’re ready to choose your mover, but before you do there are a four more questions you should have answers to before making your final decision.

What are the four things you need to verify before selecting a mover?

  1. Is your mover a broker?

    JK Moving TruckYou’ll want to know if your mover is a broker. Brokers work with a variety of moving companies and you want to know who is going to show up on the day of your move. If you receive an estimate from a moving company, they will show up on move day. If you receive an estimate from a broker, you won’t know until move day who is going to show. Moving involves trust between the mover and customer, and as the customer you want to know who is going to be responsible for your items. Read the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s take on brokers here.

  2. Are they licensed?

    For local, long distance, and international moving there are proper licenses moving companies need to legally perform moving services. Some moving companies can only provide moving services for local moves, and not long distance or international moves. It’s important to verify that they are licensed to provide the moving services you need. This will help protect you if there are any issues during the move.

  3. Do they own their own trucks?

    Before selecting a mover, verify that they own their trucks. You will want to know that their truck will be there on move day and not a rental. Additionally, ask how many trucks the company has in its fleet.  A larger fleet offers protection for the customer if something were to happen to a truck during the move. The operations team would be able to deploy another truck and keep your move on schedule. If a company only has rentals and there is an issue with them on move day, your move will be delayed because there may be no immediate solution.

  4. Do they own their own warehouse?

    Viewing the warehouse will give you great insight into your move. Is it clean and organized? Will the company give you a tour? Remember, even if you are not putting items into storage, a mover’s pads and equipment are stored in the warehouse, so it’s important that the area is neat and orderly.

These four questions along with three in-home estimates will help protect you and your belongings during the move by helping you avoid any potential scams and delays. There are websites (found below) to help, but you should feel comfortable asking your mover these questions directly. It will speak volumes if they don’t answer or avoid your question. If you have any questions or comments please share them below.

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