3 Common Hiring and Training Questions During the Busy Season

We are currently in the busy season for residential moving and we would like to discuss our hiring and training practices during the summer. We treat the summer hires the same way we treat all hires throughout the year. We understand the importance of trust between the customer and the mover and we would never want to break that trust. Here are three common concerns we hear during the summer months.

Concern – Do all employees receive training?

Residential-TrainingAll of our employees, including seasonal hires, receive hands-on training in our training house. In the training house, they learn to wrap and protect belongings that they will encounter in your home. No JK employee will go into a customer’s home without being trained.

Concern – Are all employees drug tested?

All of our employees are drug tested as part of our onboarding process. If they do not pass the drug test, they will not be hired by JK. It’s that simple. We also randomly drug test our employees throughout the year.

Concern – Are all employees background checked?

Like drug testing, all of our employees our background checked before being hired. We want our customers to feel safe when our crews show up at the door.

We are proud that many of our admin staff and sales team started out working just the summers and continued to grow their careers as we continued to grow. We think it speaks volumes about the people we hire and the amount of trust we put in them everyday. We welcome you to visit our facilities, see our training house, and meet our employees.

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  1. Good Post Brain.
    It is important to tell our customers that even we care for them and even we do all the safety measures to assure them that they have opted for the right thing.

    Nice thoughtful post.

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