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Shannon Challberg: The Lightbulbs Will Click

“It’s a great place to work. It’s a great place to feel like you are part of the team, and you’re given many opportunities to do what you want to do within the company — the possibilities are endless… You do have opportunities to move throughout the company and learn.” Check out Shannon Challberg’s full video below and see how she learned to exemplify one of JK’s enterprise core values, Connect the Dots. This video is part of JK’s #TalentTuesday series, which you can view immediately as they are posted on Tuesdays to our social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

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4 Tips for Moving Your Parents

Older adults and senior citizens face unique challenges when moving, ones that can often prevent them from effectively preparing for the move. Their adult children will often step in to assist in the process, and while that is helpful, it can also create some difficulties for the movers. To make your mother or father’s move as smooth as possible, we offer the following advice. 1. Downsize Use this time to decide what is important and necessary to keep. Organize items into the following categories: to keep, to sell, to donate, to recycle or dispose of. 2. Agree upon a decision-maker While family […]

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JK moves carbonite Han Solo

Moving Han Solo

A long time ago, in a galaxy not-so-far away…. JK Moving Services Moving Consultant, Eric Vislay, was managing a move from Northern Virginia to New York City when he felt a disturbance in the Force. When the customer told Eric, “I have something you’ve never seen before,” Eric, a veteran of the moving industry, replied, “I’ve seen everything.” After seeing what the customer wanted to move to the new apartment, Eric confessed he had never seen anything like it. The customer, moving from a house to a smaller New York City apartment, had a lot of downsizing to do, but […]

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