What You Should and Shouldn’t Do During a Move

You’ve done all the necessary packing, took the time to plan far in advance, and have everything lined up for a smooth move. But once the truck pulls up and the crew goes to work, what’s next for you? While all our drivers and crews are fully trained, that doesn’t mean you won’t have a role to play in getting the most out of the moving services you’re paying for.

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Special Considerations for Long Distance Moving

On the first and third Thursday of the month, movers from across North America participate in a discussion on Twitter, called MoveChat, where stories, tips, and advice are shared. Every chat, we discuss a specific part of the moving process. This week the topic was, “Special Considerations for Long Distance Moving” and what follows is an edited transcript of the discussion.We invite you to join us on the first and third Thursday of every month at 2 pm ET to get great advice and tips from the pros. Simply log into Twitter and follow the hashtag #movechat.

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How to Transport Your Valuables on Move Day

The list of items we can’t transport ranges from cleaning products to perishables, many of which are easier to replace than pack and move. But for items of legal significance or personal value – birth certificates, wills, social security cards, jewelry, currency, or family photo albums – you’ll want to think ahead about how to transport them safely to your new home. Here are our tips to get them there safe and sound.

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The Right Truck for Your Move – Flatbed Trailer

The JK Valet is a versatile portable storage solution that can be delivered to a customer’s home, loaded by JK or by the customer, and left on their property as long as necessary, or picked up and stored in our warehouse. The flatbed trailer is equally versatile. We use it to transport Valets, but it’s also an excellent solution for oversized items such as large outdoor furniture or equipment.

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The Right Truck for Your Move – Birdcage Trailer

The birdcage trailer allows us to transport and store household goods with no intermittent handling, which gives our customers maximum peace of mind knowing that their belongings will only be handled once. Customer goods won’t be loaded at the house and then unloaded at the warehouse, just to be packed again. Our standard sized storage vaults are loaded through side-access double doors into the birdcage trailer.

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JK Moving Services Tractor Trailer

The Right Truck for Your Move – Tractor Trailer

Logistically, long distance moving is a challenge all its own. To make things more efficient, we often combine the cargo of multiple customers onto the same trailer, loaded in sections,and each independently accessible by a side door. This enables us to make multiple pickups and deliveries in sequence, rather than having to travel out and back for each one. By doing this we can deliver faster, more affordable service to our customers.

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